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Wiley-X Lens Information

Wiley-X Lens Information
LA Light Adjusting Lenses: Developed for the G-Line exclusively, this new shooting lens technology adjusts the light transmission levels of each tint, according to sun exposure. This maximizes target definition at any time of day.

Neutral Slate Lenses: Provide maximum glare protection without distorting colors.

Clear as Crystal Lenses: Allow maximum light transmission without changing the value of colors. Perfect for hazy or overcast conditions or when its dusk, dawn, or night.

Bronze Brown Lenses: Offer excellent visual definition and glare reduction in bright light conditions. The most suitable lens to sharpen and enhance ground level contours.

Pale Yellow Lenses: Best suited for use in low light conditions where enhancement is needed. Yellow lenses naturally block blue light waves, which cause visual haze, increasing visual clarity. Excellent lens for clay, trap, target and operational shooting.

Light Rust Lenses: Filters out blue light waves which are the chief components of glare and haze. These lenses provide contrast enhancements in medium to low light conditions. Excellent lens for clay, trap, target and operational shooting.

Smoke Green Lenses: Great for general purpose use. These lenses provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Ideal for activities where bright sun and glare are major factors.

Pale Rose Lenses / Vermillion Lenses: Improve details and enhance depth perception in low or artificial light conditions. Naturally bring out the intensity of warm colors. Excellent lens for clay, trap, target and operational shooting.

Violet Lenses: Excellent glare reducer. This blended lens of Neutral Slate and Vermillion hues provides excellent contrast of orange targets against a blue sky or green to brown background.

Mirror Lenses: Multi-coat, z-oxide mirror finish over our Neutral Slate lenses diminishes glare by absorbing reflections across the mirror face.

Now that you know all the cool stuff there is to know about Wiley-X Lenses, check out the great selection of in the WileyX Sunglasses section!


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